Chocolate Ville

[updated with more recent photos] – Chocolate Ville is probably one of the largest restaurants in Bangkok. The restaurant is not one building as one usually expects from a restaurant. Chocolate Ville is a small village with a range of  western style buildings, a lake, windmill as well as a lighthouse.

The tables are located around the water where one enjoys dinner in the open air. There are some indoor options as well but I assume that is mainly used when the outdoor space is full or when the weather is not good. To fill up the outdoor space you need many, really many visitors. But that is common almost every evening. The parking of the restaurant easily fills up but the quiet section of Kaset Nawamin road offers plenty of space to park. During the typical popular evenings it is definitely recommended to call for reservations.


Location – How to get here?

Kaset Nawamin road is a well known road in the Northeastern part of Bangkok. This road used to end at Nawamin road. However since a few years the road continues there and it is in this new stretch of the Kaset Nawamin road where you find Chocolate Ville. If you come from Kaset Nawamin road you will have to continue when you reach Nawamin road. Not long after that intersection you will see on the left side of the road a windmill. This is Chocolate Ville.

There is parking in the front but also inside. If these are full the Kaset Nawamin road offers plenty parking space.

If you would come via the ring road you could take the exit towards the Ramintra road. Right at the exit you can make a U-turn to the left. Take this and continue that road till you come to some kind of roundabout. Go right here and continue until you see the windmill on the right side.

GPS: N13.8106, E100.6637




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