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Thailand Public Transport

Thailand offers a range of public transport options. The main options are shown below:



Bangkok’s bus transport organization:

Bangkok’s Skytrain system operator

Bangkok MRT (subway) lines

Bangkok Rapid Bus

Bangkok Airport rail link


Taxi’s are widely available all across Bangkok. You will see the taxi’s in various colors from Green/Yellow, Blue, Pink and others. All of them have a sign on the roof with the words “TAXI METER”. You can take any of these.

When you get into a taxi make sure the driver uses the taxi meter. Every taxi ride starts with a THB 35 minimum. If you take a taxi from the airport you will have an additional THB 50 for the airport. Also if you have the taxi use the toll roads you will have to add the fees of the toll road on top of the fees. Most taxi drivers will ask you for money for the toll fee when they approach toll gate.

Coming from the airport you can also use the AOT limousines. They are much more expensive but do include the toll road fees. Even though they are included the fees are still much higher than the regular taxi. The cars they use are more new and usually larger.

In other parts of the country taxi’s are more rare (except for the larger cities and e.g. the touristic places in the South).



National railway organization



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