Mae Sa Valley – Chiang Mai

May 29, 2016

The Mae Sa valley is found just north of Chiang Mai. The valley makes a great day trip and offers a wide variety of attractions. Some more active activities are found relatively at the beginning of the valley and include e.g. quad drives. Further into the valley you find the Mae Sa waterfall, the Queen Sirikit botanic garden and some really special resorts that are even worth a visit for…


Chocolate Ville

November 12, 2015

[updated with more recent photos] – Chocolate Ville is probably one of the largest restaurants in Bangkok. The restaurant is not one building as one usually expects from a restaurant. Chocolate Ville is a small village with a range of ¬†western style buildings, a lake, windmill as well as a lighthouse. The tables are located around the water where one enjoys dinner in the open air. There are some indoor…


Kwan Riam Floating Market

September 6, 2015

We used to live along the Ramkhamhaeng Road in eastern Bangkok. All these times we never visited¬†this market. I am not sure when this market first opened but I am sorry I did not discover this one earlier. Only after we moved on a bit we first visited the market. It is a fun and interesting place to spend some hours in the weekend. It is a great place to…


Scenery Vintage Farm (formerly Scenery Resort)

October 12, 2014

The Scenery Vintage Farm (formerly known as Scenery Resort & Farm) continues to be a very popular tourist spot in the Suan Phueng area. Each day in the weekend large numbers of (most Thai) tourist come to here to feed the sheep and enjoy the scenery around the farm. The Honey Scene restaurant offers a nice selection of Western and Thai food.   Up to 2011 the Scenery Resort and…


Palio Khao Yai

October 11, 2014

On the north side of the Khao Yai National Park you can find various nice hotels and resorts as well as the Palio Khao Yai shopping destination. I did not call it a shopping mall or similar as this place is setup as a small Italian village. While maybe a bit strange to find an Italian village in the middle of Thailand it has a certain charm. The Thai people…